California Assembly Votes to Give Food Stamps to Convicted Drug Felons

The California Assembly has approved a bill that would allow convicted drug felons to collect food stamps.  Under the federally funded food stamps program, people convicted of drug felonies are banned from receiving food stamps after they leave prison.  The California bill would not even require the convicted drug felons to prove that they are in treatment for their drug addiction.  About 900 California felons could become eligible for the food stamps, costing the federal government up to $1 million.

Only in California would our elected state Legislators be willing to give food stamps to convicted drug felons.  Why are the taxpayers being forced to pay to feed these horrible people?  The government is already hurting for money, and we our wasting what little resources we have on the scum of society?  It simply isn’t right.

Let’s vote everyone out of the State Assembly and replace them with people with some common sense.

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